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Home Delivery

Local delivery to San Diego County

No fees. No minimum orders.

Read Before Placing your first order
Free delivery
to your door in 3 easy steps


Our kombucha is raw and must be refrigerated, so when checking out select a 3-hour window in which you will be home to receive the order.


At the beginning of your delivery window leave out any clean glass bottles you would like to return for credits (must be Seven Seas Kombucha bottles). You will be refunded $4 per growler and $1 per 16oz jar (takes 3-5 business days). Please make sure the bottles are rinsed and include the lid when possible.


Your order will arrive within the three hour time frame selected after checkout. We will collect any empty glassware and leave your new order at the door. We will ring the doorbell and follow up with a text alert to let your know your bottles have arrived. Refrigerate bottles immediately and enjoy!

*See our FAQ page for more info on our delivery and bottle exchange program.

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